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April 25, 2014

Bob Crow memorial strike to go ahead

by philapilus

Yeah, your slightly longer journey to work really is the greatest injustice the world has ever known

The RMT union confirmed this morning that its members will go ahead with next week’s strike in honour of Bob Crow.

Spokesperson Percy Spoke said today “Bob was brilliant, we miss him. So next week we are planning to celebrate his life, in a way we know he would have enjoyed; by seriously pissing off millions of people and bringing London to its knees.

“I like to think old Bob will be looking down at us and smiling. Or possibly looking up and smiling. Well, wherever he

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February 7, 2014

RMT celebrates decisive victory

by philapilus
Bob Crow said he was delighted this morning, after two days of extensive striking by London Underground staff achieved “more than we ever dreamed possible.”
As news broke that literally all the demands of staff had been met, and that furthermore every employee would be given a Ferrari, and that they definitely weren’t going to be fired anymore, union members celebrated the genius and leadership of Crow.
Speaking from a five-star hotel on the moon, where he was munching five-star moon-lobster, the rotund unionist and darling of Britain’s lovably insane right wing press said “Obviously I

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February 5, 2014

Joyful London declares ‘Bob Crow for Mayor’

by philapilus

‘You utter bastards’

Many Londoners were ecstatic this morning in their support for Bob Crow and striking Underground workers, and called for immediate elections, to install the rotund trade unionist as mayor.

Striking London Underground employee, Cob Brow, said “Bob is the best of us. He nestles us in his rolls of flesh like a mother hen taking chicks under her wing.

“If it wasn’t for this brilliant and meaningful strike, which will achieve all our goals in one fell swoop, we would be hurled into the indifferent maw of the BoJo monster.”

But not everyone shared this

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