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March 17, 2014

Daily Cartoon: Matty on the Left’s Losses

by philapilus

In a special double-bill we bring you a second daily cartoon today, syndicated from the Daily Torygraph, and drawn by that hilarious stalwart of the black and white cartoons-about-the-right-being-better-than-the-left scene, Matty. This week Matty has made a cartoon about

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March 7, 2014

Daily Cartoon: Britain’s political dilemma

by philapilus

Today’s syndicated cartoon comes from celebrated Daily Torygraph cartoonist Matty, who has been delighting audiences for decades, with the sheer variety of his unending stream of

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August 23, 2013

Daily Telegraph wins top toadying award

by philapilus


Steven Seagal at the Pollstar Awards in Februa...

Cameron is nearly this cool

The Daily Telegraph newspaper has this morning thrashed all the competition to take the prestigious ‘Arselicker of the Year’ press award.

The Torygraph, despite numerous entries from papers across the political spectrum, clinched the award at the last minute¬†with today’s article showcasing beach-based snaps of David Cameron.

The article suggests readers listen to ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ whilst ogling the photos of a barechested Cameron striding manfully across England’s fair sands, enjoying a

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