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October 4, 2015

2015 tory conference: Hunt mobbed by fans, Cameron praised for tax credit cuts

by philapilus


The 2015 Conservative conference has already been judged a huge success, with witnesses describing an electric atmosphere at the Manchester venue.

Activists and party grandees cheered and cried out ‘Hosanna’ as David Cameron arrived riding his giant wild boar, Pickles, and strewing the ground before him with palm leaves.

After the prime minister dismounted he pissed in the face of a street urchin and announced that he would not be changing his mind on

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October 14, 2012

Prime Minister: “We must battle against the forces of reaction”

by articulatedsheep

Speaking to the annual meeting of the Party Praesidium in Birmingham, David Cameron has pledged to continue with his dramatic package of public sector reforms.

“Comrades,” he said, speaking from a podium bedecked by a massive forest of flowers, and standing in front of six rows of raked seating containing a range of nonagenarian heroes of the Party, “make no mistake. If we do not pursue continuous revolution, then the forces of reaction and counter-revolution will have won.”

“We all remember what life was like under Brown. Long queues for basic food, people gunned down in the street by the secret police, overly-centralised area-based accounting procedures for second-tier local authorities. No longer. But we cannot be complacent.”

“You don’t want Brown back, do you, comrades?”

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