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December 4, 2012

Royal Baby: what the papers are saying

by philapilus

The Morning Babel brings you a round-up of headlines from the British press:

English: Reversed and cropped detail from File...

Is he planning to kill this one?

Royal baby will be “almost as good as Diana”

     — The Daily Express


Royal baby: the latest fashion tips for foetuses

     — ES magazine


Royal baby FAT!!!! Scans show the tiny foetus has NOT managed to keep as TRIM as its mother; could Kate be on a BOOZE and DRUGS binge??!?!?!

     — Heat Magazine


Shock report: Royal baby might be black

     — The Sunday Sport


Prince Philip ‘Planned to kill Royal Baby’

     — The Daily Mirror


Wills and Kate: are they really happy to be pregnant?

     — The Daily Mail


Princess’s baby bump makes bumper year for royals

     — The Sun


Royal baby will not pay corporation tax

     — The Independent


Royal baby destined for much better life than your children

     — The Guardian

February 17, 2012

Apocalypse update: Murdoch visit spells doom for Sun newspaper

by philapilus
The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed in Sun

Apparently the overrated, godawful artist who painted this knew what he was talking about after all...

The ongoing apocalypse seems to be ticking along nicely and going according to schedule, with the timely appearance of the prophesied “Foul Beast descending from the Sky, which will tear apart the Sun; lo, and with its wretched bile and falsehoods will harvest the souls of its followers.”

Rupert Murdoch flew in to the UK last night, and today will pay a friendly, morale-boosting visit to the headquarters of the Sun newspaper.

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