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October 7, 2012

Arts Round-up with Sian Brewell

by philapilus
English: David Beckham Nederlands: David Beckham

“That titan Praxiteles himself would weep at the challenge of crafting his likeness”

As I sipped a fine 1963 Fonseca port last night, I had cause to meditate upon the execrable decline of civilization in that most important of all its manifestations, the visual arts.

None but the most plebocratic of philistines, or mediocre slouches who were happy to achieve a 2:1, can possibly deny that the drearily exhaustive lists of scientific successes through the ages are nothing compared to that existential jouissance one experiences when standing before a great masterpiece of art.

One feels impelled to fall to one’s knees and to remain in supplication, willing and ready to be entered by the gloriously satisfying and engorged organ of the power of art, one is left helplessly moaning, as its thrusting, pulsating delivery of aesthetic fulfillment motivates one to cry out with delight.

So it was very much with a lust for that highest of artistic penetrations in mind that I considered what is available to the discerning viewer today.

Beginning with Bronze at the Royal Academy, I knew as soon as I went through the door that no matter what was in the galleries before me, nothing could compare with a memory of David Beckham’s sensually masculine chest, glimpsed upon a poster on the bus.

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February 29, 2012

More experts enter Falklands fray

by philapilus

Following the intervention of actor-turned International Relations expert Sean Penn, celebrity and self-styled ‘Better-than-Beethoven’ musician, Roger Waters, has also weighed in with his fantastically well-informed views on the Falklands debate.

The ex-bassist for Pink Floyd, a band famously typified by drug-use, insanity and self-absorption, Roger Waters is clearly extremely well-qualified to comment on issues of sovereignty and post-colonial relations and peace-keeping.

Not only did he write ‘The Wall’ (you know, Floyd’s fourteen hour long whinge, the lyrics of which make ‘Ummagumma’ sound like fucking Shakespeare), but reportedly ┬áhe also nearly managed to destroy the band with his acrimonious and egomaniacal power-mongering.

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