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August 18, 2014

‘Is Cornwall like Scotland?’ asks BBC

by philapilus

In the build-up to what has been favourably called ‘the sinfully dull Scottish independence referendum’, our plucky sister news organ, the BBC, has today posed the fascinating question of whether Cornwall is a bit like Scotland! In an act of almost unfathomable charity, we have devoted ourselves to this

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March 28, 2013

New Cumnock wins ‘Most exemplary Scottish town’ award

by philapilus

Naturally it had to be spruced up quite a bit before it looked this good

Residents of New Cumnock in East Ayrshire are celebrating today, after discovering that their hometown has won the coveted ‘Carbuncle Award’.

The yearly prize is awarded to the Scottish town considered most dismal, which in Scotland is a highly prized status.

Resident Jock McStrap makes 180% proof moonshine from potatoes, and sells it in a windowless, disused pigsty behind his derelict house, which makes him both the most successful businessman in the town, and the nearest thing it has to a public functionary.

Accepting the ‘Plook on a Plinth’ award

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