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July 10, 2012

Diamond to forgo ginormous bonus: ‘That makes it all ok then’, says everyone

by philapilus
Ed Balls

Seriously, that’s his name. We aren’t even joking.

The news that Bob Diamond, the former CEO of Barclays who resigned last week, is not going to get his £20m bonus, has turned away the wrath of everyone in the country, according to an important study.

Diamond, who is at the centre of the rate-fixing scandal that has brought the otherwise unsullied, golden reputation of bankers down into the dirt, left his job having done unbelievably unethical things with interest rates.

“If interest rates were little children, Diamond would be guilty of paedophilia,” commented Tim Twanks, an unemployed commentator, “and the rest of Barclays would at least be guilty of being in some sort of child-porn ring. And the public would have been unknowingly deflowering minors, thinking they were of age…actually hang on, can I start this again? I think I picked the wrong metaphor.”

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