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October 28, 2013

HS2 alternative “Almost as disruptive as HS2” warns report

by philapilus
English: Danny Alexander MP addressing a Liber...

For decades hence an image of this face will accompany the definition of the word ‘Success’ in every encylopedia

A government-commissioned report by Network Rail and Atkins claims that the alternative to the highly unpopular¬†HS2 rail link would be “probably almost as much hassle as HS2, so we might as well do it anyway”.

The report warns that upgrading existing rail lines instead of building unwanted new ones¬†“Will be a massive fag, and will cost almost half as much, and since we already printed the brochures, and spent ages doing an HS2 Powerpoint presentation, when

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January 3, 2013

“Rail fares still cheaper than chartering a private jet” retorts minister

by philapilus
Luxury yacht in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, 2006

“It’s not like there aren’t other ways to get to work”

Lib-Dem rail minister Norman Baker hit back at critics of higher fares yesterday, and slammed suggestions that spending 75% of your salary just getting to and from work might be a bit unfair.

“Trains are incredibly reasonably priced,” insisted Baker “when taken against other comparable modes of transport such as helicopters, jets, or paying for a private canal to be dug between your domicile and place of work.”

He was forced to qualify this, however, adding “Unless of course you and a couple of neighbours got together for a helicopter-pool, jet-pool or canal-building-pool, in which case obviously rail is more expensive. But still, it’s bloody good value for money, I think.”

As the

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