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June 18, 2015

Millions unable to enjoy porn properly because of broadband speed

by philapilus

‘Half the time there’s no point even plugging the fucking thing in’

Consumer watchdog Which? has discovered that the vast majority of UK homes are not getting the broadband speed they are paying for, seriously limiting their enjoyment of HD adult material, online gambling, and pictures of goats (the latter not necessarily separately from the adult material).

With evidence suggesting that BT and TalkTalk failed to provide the advertised top speed to even 10% of their customers, Which? has brought the matter to Ofcom, who are now investigating the UK’s lack of access to “the really nasty stuff”.

Which? spokesman Percy Spoke said “Our tests found

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May 10, 2012

Controversial talk show host controversially causes controversy

by unpseudable

Due to the unpleasant subject of the article, here’s a picture of something far more appealing

Controversial television presenter Matthew Wright has once again courted controversy on his controversial talk show, The Wright Stuff. If you are unaware of this particular gem in British broadcast programming, this may be because it’s shown on Channel 5. And if you are unaware of Matthew Wright, well done.

Known for his thoughtful and sensitive handling of controversial issues, Wright controversially asked his viewers, just for fun, what they thought was the most offensive term to describe someone with learning difficulties. The options on offer being, “mong”, “spaz” and “retard”. This most recent controversy occurred during a debate about Rupert Murdoch’s controversial use of the word “retarded” in reference to David Cameron’s son.

Intellectual heavyweight and driver of shiny fast cars, Jeremy Clarkson responded: “What is the big deal? Oh, it’s just those PC Nazis stepping in, saying it’s ‘offensive’, and spoiling it for everyone, when it was all just a bit fun. I know someone in a wheelchair – God, no, he’s not disabled, it’s just a broken leg, he’ll be fine in a few weeks – he thought it was hilarious. See? And the fact that only 10 people complained is clear evidence that it’s not offensive at all. It’s certainly not down to the viewers of the show being total fucking idiots.  And there only being 8 of them.”

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