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February 2, 2014

Gove to be placed in trash compactor to refresh DfE

by philapilus
File:Michael Gove at Chantry High School.jpg

“Honestly, how do you little oiks expect to get anywhere in the modern business world if you don’t even know when the Battle of Thermopylae was?”

Michael Gove denied this morning that he was getting rid of Ofsted head, Baronness Morgan, for political reasons, and insisted he merely wanted to “refresh the department”.

His announcement was immediately followed by a unanimous petition from the entire Department for Education and the National Union of Teachers, asking the Prime Minister to refresh the country’s educational establishment by crushing the Education Secretary in an industrial-size compactor.

Civil service spokesperson, Percy Spoke, said “Apparently Baroness Morgan, who happens to be a Labour supporter, is not being replaced with a Tory for partisan

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April 3, 2013

Teachers demand “as little as possible” contact with children

by philapilus
English: Fraser Valley Elementary School classroom

Those Who Can, Hide

The National Union of Teachers passed a motion yesterday calling for a strict limit of 15 minutes on the amount of time their members have to spend teaching per day.

NUT Spokesperson Wendy Nailinthehead said “You know how annoying your kids are, and how secretly you’re really glad to drop them off at school in the morning so you can go and get paid to gossip, email your friends, and play Freecell?

“Well we don’t like them anymore than you do – less, if

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