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March 8, 2016

Nike drop Sharapova for wrong kind of ethical breach

by philapilus
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Hypocrisy: tick

Sports giant Nike have announced they are suspending sponsorship of Maria Sharapova after she failed a drug test, because “as ethical breaches go this is not a lucrative one”.

Spokesperson Percy Spoke explained “As far as we are concerned, Maria has committed an abominable act that does not help our bottom line.

“We are proud of our unblemished and morally sound business record, and are

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June 8, 2012

Clothing store New Look enlists feminists to increase numbers of male customers

by philapilus
Polly Toynbee speaks at the October 2005 Labou...

Some women earn a fortune working for advertising companies, using their obnoxious personalities to convince you to do the opposite of what they say

It emerged this morning that fashion giant New Look is calling for strong-minded women to help raise market awareness amongst men, who are under-represented in its demographic.

The brand undertook market research last year, which revealed that the only men who ever entered a New Look store were the ones who sat looking bored and embarrassed outside the changing rooms, until their girlfriend came out.

At which point they would invariably offer a “It looks fine, can we just go now?”

“The problem New Look has,” said Mike Ock, head of research at FU Marketing, “is that men see it as a quintessentially woman’s shop. They don’t want to buy clothes there, even if they are amongst the 2% of our interviewees who actually know New Look now sells male clothing.”

The solution, said Ock, was straightforward.

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