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January 23, 2013

Beyonce lip-syncing scandal leads to violent demands for new election

by philapilus

The USA has been driven to the brink of  internicine civil war, by the news that pop-singer Beyonce Knowles-Carter probably lip-synced her performance at President Obama’s inauguration ceremony.

Beyoncé Knowles performing "Listen" ...

In years to come she will be remembered as a greater foe to the American people than Bin Laden ever was

Beyonce performed the American hit-parade classic ‘Star Spangled Banner’, written and first made famous by the Rembrandts, and released as the B-side for their single ‘I’ll be there for you’.

But accusations that she lip-synced, instead of singing the song live, have resulted in rioting and outbreaks of violence throughout the country.

Governors of the Southern states have met and drawn up plans for a New Confederacy, and

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January 7, 2013

Public sadness as Stephen Lennon is jailed

by philapilus
English Defence League march in Newcastle

If only they would…

Tributes and commiserations have poured in from well-wishers and public dignitaries today, after it was announced that the leader of the far-right English Defence League has been jailed for ten months.

Stephen Lennon, whose only crime was to attempt illegally to enter the United States, using a false passport – after being previously banned from visiting because of several other convictions including assault and drugs offences – has received countless messages of support.

“This is obviously just a political imprisonment,” said Nelson Mandela, “Stephen Lennon has always stood up for the rights of others, has always been uncompromising in his search for peace and equality. You couldn’t wish to meet a better person, with

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May 4, 2012

London Mayoral Election Results

by philapilus
Description: A Ku Klux Klan meeting in Gainesv...

Cortiglia has vowed to re-introduce impromptu outdoor parties across the capital, celebrating traditional values.

Although counting is still going on, and the final winner will not be declared until late tonight or early tomorrow morning, the overwhelming consensus is that Carlos Cortiglia has won a resounding victory, and will, in all probability, be the next Mayor for London.

Cortiglia is extremely well qualified to serve as the figurehead for one of the most financially significant, and multiculturally successful, cities in the world, as he is of course the British National Party candidate.

The BNP has a proven track record of excellence in matters of international integration. Only this year it was revealed that Nick Griffin had established important connections with American Third Position, a party who the Ku Klux Klan describe as “extremist nutters”.

A BNP statement in February said “We are glad to announce that Nick Griffin went to the States and touched willies with the leader of American Third Position, and they had a really good chat about how darkies are basically smelly, and look like they have been bathing in poo.”

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