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March 6, 2014

Ken blanks Barbie’s plain friend

by philapilus

What a total bastard

Shallow, plastic man Ken has completely blanked the new prototype ‘average girl’ doll, introduced to provide young children with a more realistic plaything.

The doll, built on actual human proportions, to give little girls  a less impossible role model and to raise their self-esteem, said ‘Hi there!’ to Ken, as she was coming out of Barbie’s house today.

But Ken just did a double-take, grunted something under his breath about ‘That’s where all the pies went, then” and marched into Barbie’s hall without even acknowledging the

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March 23, 2012

TMB Film: Reviews from the the leading Mayoral candidates

by philapilus
Silent Single 8 Movie Camera

"The talkies" are becoming almost as popular as books or chamber music recitals

Ken: “I’ve just seen Passport to Pimlico – and it’s great!”

First we caught up with ex-Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone to ask him what film has most impressed him recently…

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