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December 20, 2013

BBC: “Choudary gives balance by representing views of ‘utter c*nts'”

by philapilus
Muslims Against Crusades  30.7.2011-563

Very much the BBC’s ‘go-to cunt’

The BBC have defended the decision to interview Anjem Choudary on the Today programme this morning, saying that “Without Choudary’s contribution, the debate would not adequately have included the views of total bastard fuckwits.”

After the sentencing of the killers of Lee Rigby yesterday, the extremist Muslim preacher was invited to discuss the slaughter, in order to remind Radio 4 listeners that some people are just utter cunts who spout worthless shite.

Presenter John Humphrys said “What you need to realise is that the BBC has a duty to be as objective as possible. That could involve playing it safe by

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February 6, 2012

Chaos in Syria, journalists right in the thick of it

by philapilus
A microphone

Do you arses have ANY IDEA how much courage it takes to use one of these?? Bunch of punks...

In Syria, where something is going on that involves some sort of politics or civil unrest or civil war or something, reporters for various TV news stations have bravely continued to stand some miles away from the fighting and talk about it.

In acts of heroism and personal sacrifice – bordering on what BBC anchor Rick Head has described as “the new chivalry” – courageous men and women, issued with kevlar body armour and helmets, have remained at their posts.

Pointing to plumes of smoke in the distance, they shout into microphones above the sound of heavy bombardment and continuous gunfire, which definitely isn’t separately miked for effect in any way at all.

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