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April 11, 2016

Tax returns “actually really boring”

by philapilus

This is not a tax return

In a surprise revelation today it was revealed surprisingly that tax returns are incredibly dull, after Jeremy Corbyn, George Osborne and Boris Johnson followed the prime minister’s example in publishing theirs.

David Cameron published his returns after accusations that he had misled the public over shares he owned in his father’s firm.

Critics described them as unpardonably dull, and “possessed of none of the

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April 7, 2016

The Prime Minister’s statement on his father’s tax avoidance

by articulatedsheep

This evening, it has emerged that the Prime Minister personally profited from an investment vehicle that his father, Ian, established to manage his cash in the Bahamas. Mr. Cameron has published a statement which we publish in full below. In doing so, we would like to make the caveat that what follows is entirely made up.

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