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November 13, 2017

Gove ‘backs Boris’ as easier to get knife in from behind

by philapilus

“I’ve just run over some children!”

Michael Gove has said that he is “getting behind the foreign secretary 100%” as “it will give me a much clearer target when I drive my wraith-knife between his shoulderblades”.

Gove, who won the coveted Oleaginous Little Shit of the Year award in 2016, made the comments on Andrew Marr’s self-important show.

Marr, seated upon a sofa shaped like a cloud, and

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June 22, 2012

Gove’s education revolution “still not convincing people he isn’t a fuckwit”

by philapilus
Michael Gove at Chantry High School

“Why can’t you whiny little shits accept that your future is the backroom of Argos, and stop wasting my Department’s money?” said Gove, on a school visit this month

Michael Gove has today defended his plan to scrap GCSEs, reintroduce O-levels and replace the national curriculum with flexible education programmes, which he promises will be “The biggest sphincter-tearing sodomisation of the education system in decades”.

Speaking on the Today programme, Gove said “As a society we have made the mistake of institutionalised dumbing-down, and we have forced a conformity of standards onto disparate schools, resulting in an education system based on the lowest common denominators.

“What I want to do is roll back the monolithic uniformity that is holding so many of our children back, and return policy decision-making to the people who do it best, teachers. This will give each school the freedom to decide whether it wants to be an elite bastion of private education, with playing fields, stables, and beautiful Georgian buildings kitted out with state of the art equipment, or whether it would prefer to be a disease-ridden workhouse, preparing Britain’s vast numbers of unruly tykes for the careers they will enjoy in the shelf-stacking sector.

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