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January 22, 2014

Homophobic Clarkson enlisted to tackle hydrophilic gays

by philapilus

“Quick everyone, on to the life-rafts; gayness floods are coming!”

Christians lucky enough to be unencumbered with high IQs have petitioned Jeremy Clarkson to visit Britain’s flooded areas, and “repel the waters like a modern day King Cnut”, after the presenter posted a homophobic image on twitter.

The photograph showed Clarkson sleeping in a plane, whilst a BBC employee held up a sign inscribed with the witty message ‘Gay Cunt’, next to the Top Gear presenter’s head.

“Jeremy is a true warrior for Christ.” said disgraced Ukip member David Silvester, (who thinks God sends floods to punish the UK for allowing gay marriage, and yet inexplicably thinks we should blame gays rather than, say, the deity who sends all the fucking water).

Silvester added “I believe Jeremy can

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January 20, 2014

Ukip continues transfomation into memberless party

by philapilus

This one’s leaving to become a Siamese cat

Ukip have confirmed this morning that since yesterday’s suspension of councillor David Silvester, a further seven party members have been expelled, suspended, or have chosen to leave.

Silvester was suspended for his claim that the recent widespread flooding of the UK was God’s punishment for the legalising of gay marriage, a claim which even David Icke called “Completely fucking batshit mad”.

Ukip spokesperson, Percy Spoke, said “We have had a really great couple of days, and managed to get rid of eight party members. That’s nearly ten.”

Spoke confirmed that

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