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February 21, 2014

Farage and Clegg to have long, hard kiss

by philapilus

Nigel can often be found sitting on a park bench, harmlessly counting pieces of couscous into his shoe, for hour after happy hour

Nigel Farage has accepted Nick Clegg’s challenge to join him in a French kiss that will go on and on, until one of them admits defeat and pulls away in disgust.

Farage had already accepted Clegg’s earlier challenge, to debate him publically on Europe, but after it became apparent that literally no one would listen, the two agreed to up the stakes.

BBC political analyst, Roger Beaver, said “Both Ukip and the Lib Dems are so unbelievably pathetic that it’s actually just kind of sad now.

“It’s like when an actress is really unpopular, and no one will cast her, and so she ‘accidentally’ posts a sex-tape online, or announces she’d

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