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November 10, 2014

Catatonia: We will not be cowed by Spain

by philapilus

“All we want is freedom from Spain, Yaki Da!”

In an unofficial poll, Welsh indie rock band Catatonia have voted overwhelmingly for independence from Spain.

Breathy-voiced lead singer Cerys Matthews said “That’s popular opinion, see? There’s lovely int it? It’s about time Spain let us go, see? We’ll do very well without them, so we will.”

The independence ballot was an act of defiance, after a ruling by the Spanish constitutional court refused to allow a referendum on autonomy for the famous ’90s britpop act.

The Spanish

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April 19, 2012

“Anyway…it was coming right at me!” sniffs Juan Carlos

by philapilus
African Elephant in South Africa

If you don't cull them they might take over the world...

King Juan Carlos of Spain has made a sulky apology, after  going on a luxury hunting jolly to Africa at a time when his subjects are currently enjoying an unemployment rate of almost 1 in 4.

The monarch admitted he might just have been rubbing it in a tad,  but still tried to play down accusations that he maliciously shot an elephant on his hunt in Botswana – an act which has enraged the Spanish public. Just to put that in context, this is a nation of people who like nothing better than gathering around and watching men stab angry male-cows in the head.

Juan Carlos claimed that he had got lost on the motorway in Catalonia, somehow ended up in Africa, and had then been forced to shoot a crazed elephant that was charging at him, in order to preserve his own life.

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