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March 1, 2013

Eastleigh put under quarantine

by philapilus
English: Nigel Farage at a conference in the G...

Sectioned since this morning

The town of Eastleigh has been blockaded and surrounded by the armed forces this morning, after the Ministry of Defence realised that its inhabitants were displaying total collective insanity.

MoD officials said the only possible conclusion after yesterday’s ‘sanity litmus-test’ was that the entire population of adult residents had been affected on a massive level by some devastatingly potent biological or chemical brain-warping agent.

Major Dick Haines-Fanshaw-Fanshaw said

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January 19, 2012

“We don’t understand how elections work”, say angry Labour and UKIP MEPs

by articulatedsheep

Labour and UKIP have reacted angrily, and essentially incoherently, to the announcement that Lib Dem MEP Diana Wallis is stepping down, only to replaced by her husband, without an election being held.


Look! I'm on the Eurostar!


This is because European Parliamentary elections are held on a list system, and if the sitting MEP on a party’s slate steps down, the next person on the list for the same party is entitled to take that person’s place.


The next person in this instance is the sitting MEP’s husband.


This has been the system in place for European elections since 1979.

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