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April 5, 2013

Blair: “Gordon Brown has absolutely tiny testicles”

by philapilus
Tony Blair

“Mine are fucking massive though…”

In an interview for Bloomberg Markets  magazine, Tony Blair has attacked his former chancellor, saying that “Gordon was not only incompetent; he has the smallest balls of any prime minister since Gladstone. Even Thatcher’s were bigger.”

Although the bitter and angry relationship between Blair and Brown is no secret, the two rivals have until now declined to criticise one another publically.

But in the interview the former prime minister said

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January 24, 2013

Charlie Brown faces up to 9 years in prison

by philapilus
Snoopy statue given to the Kennedy Space Cente...

Gang-member Snoopy was formerly a successful astronaut, before embarking on a life of crime.

Former ‘Peanuts’ gang member, Charlie Brown, has been arrested and charged with stalking and making criminal threats, by the San Diego District Attorney.

A former victim of the gang’s, who asked to remain anonymous, said “This is a great day for all those who have suffered at the hands of that brutal thug.

“Finally I feel I can go to sleep at night without the terror of waking to see that round head silhouetted in the bedroom doorway, and that gravelly voice rasping ‘I’ll give you some Good Grief now, motherfucker.”

Brown – despite being incredibly timid and physically awkward as a youth – still

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