Trump’s cognitive ability ‘normal’, says man whose job depends on pleasing him

by philapilus

Got the same score as Trump

A military doctor working for Trump’s White House and within the military of which Donald Trump is Commander-in-Chief has made the completely independent decision to announce that Trump is cognitively normal.

Rear admiral and Physician to the President Dr Ronny Jackson told reporters “It just so happens that the man upon whom my job depends is not, as so many of you suspect, a raging maniac with the self-awareness of a peanut and the reasoning capacity of a cow being electrocuted.

“Rather he is a… a… fine upstanding figure of a man ably competent to be your presid-” at which point the doctor ran from the room crying.

He returned two minutes later with a black eye and a script from which he read “Trump is so clever – just so clever. Probably the cleverest, sanest person you’ll ever meet. A stable genius with really brilliant, just brilliant, cogs in his… cog ignition. You’re all very lucky to have such a great man, as humble as he is great; the greatest really. And handsome. Smarter than Crooked Hillary.”

Dr Jackson excused himself from answering questions, saying he had to leave to scrub himself thoroughly in a boiling hot shower.

A White House source denied that the MoCA test administered to Trump had anything to do with three trash cans full of screwed up MoCA test papers, with erroneous answers scrawled in a childlike hand using wax crayon.

“Those tests must have been administered to someone else,” said the source, “someone who can’t spell ‘rhino’ or remember more than two digits in a row.”*




  • Seriously, look the test up; it’s embarrassing


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