Trump’s u-turn on earlier u-turn leaves him with head lodged in rectum

by philapilus
File:Donald Trump Signs The Pledge 11 crop.jpg

A grateful world revels in temporarily not having to look at this face

Donald Trump’s political gyrations have caused his own massive unsightly head to become lodged in his rectal passage, the White House has confirmed.

The rambling old man came under fire for failing to condemn Nazis and white supremacists during the riots in Charlottesville at the weekend, insisting that many sides were to blame.

Then after two days of cajoling he finally came out and announced “We think Nazis are bad, just so bad. White nationalism is not something Americans like. Although we do it better than anyone. I mean did you see that guy mow those guys down? What a precise guy, I mean just so precise. He was great.

“So I hope the liberal media stops trying to accuse me of supporting racists now. That’s just fake news.”

But yesterday Trump reversed on his u-turn, reverting to the ‘many sides to blame’ thesis and amidst all the spinning, accidentally got his head stuck up his arse.

White nationalists have launched an appeal to raise money to help Trump extricate himself.

KKK Grand Wizard of Communications Billy Bob Fuckwitz said “We’m gon’ save the pursiden’, help him get that head outta his ass. Poor Mr Trump he gon’ be all brown in the face like a nigra.

“We ain’t gon’ shoot him though, lessen we forgit who he am.”

Professor Hamish McEyebrau, head scientist at the Slough School for the Science of Heads said “When Trump’s head comes out it will be swollen, bloated, and look much like the slapped arse from which it has been withdrawn.

“So in other words, exactly the same as it usually does.”







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