Martin Landau surprisingly reanimated

by unpseudable

After being saddened by his death, the world of Hollywood was this week stunned by renowned actor Martin Landau apparently coming back to life.


Landau earlier today

“It obviously wasn’t the uncommon reanimation that shocked me,” said recently deceased film critic Barry Norman. “I mean, I’ve seen that in literally thousands of films. No, it was more the irony that it was Landau who rose from the grave rather than legendary zombie movie director George Romero.”

Romero, who also sadly passed away this week, stubbornly refused to come back to life. “I just don’t see the point,” he is reported to have said, potentially contradicting himself.

Meanwhile, Landau embarked on a reign of terror throughout Los Angeles, reportedly attempting to consume tourists and residents alike.

“This does actually make some sense – let us not forget that Mr Landau received an Oscar for his portrayal of Bela Lugosi, portraying a ghoul man in Ed Wood’s Plan 9 from Outer Space in Tim Burton’s Ed Wood,” not quite so recently deceased film critic Roger Ebert reflected.

LA is currently in a panic while trying to deal with the ex-Landau. “Frankly we have no idea what to do,” long-dead once Governor of California, Ronald Reagan said.

“Of all weeks, it had to happen now: everyone knows the only person who could handle the undead was George Romero.”

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