Trump: time to work for – I mean with Russia

by philapilus

‘I’m channeling you, oh great master Vladi”

Donald Trump made another unforced error this weekend after accidentally revealing “a firm belief that it is time to work for Russia.”

Trump made the comment after having met Russian president Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit, a meeting described by Trump as “an honour”, and by the Russians as “incredibly amusing”.

After accidentally revealing the instructions he had been given by the Russian leader, an aide rushed to Trump’s side to offer hurried consultation, after which the orange tub of faeces amended his statement to “Um, I mean it’s time to work with Russia.

“We’re going to do great, really great things with Russia. Just the greatest. Let me tell you, I’m the best leader Russia ever installed in the US and we’re going to do really great things.”

“I said it right that time, yeah?”

Whilst some in the Republican party have become ashamed and even scared of what they have unleashed on the world, Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell said “I am delighted with our progress and expect the portal to Hell to open any time now.

“Hail Beelzebub.”

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