Theresa May almost successfully bakes potato

by philapilus

Nailed it, sort of

In news guaranteed to encourage Theresa May’s supporters Number 10 announced this morning that the prime minister baked “a nearly palatable potato for dinner last night.”

Percy Spoke, May’s spokesperson, said “OK so things haven’t been amazing recently. There was the whole election thing, the miscalculation on handling the Grenfell Tower fire, and of course ‘Strong-and-Stable’-gate.

“But we are happy to announce that the PM and her husband sat down to a potato that was almost thoroughly cooked, apart from a really hard bit in the middle which they left.”

May, who as an empowered feminist insists on dividing the chores into male jobs and female jobs, served the potato with cheese and tuna, which she successfully grated and untinned respectively.

Spoke added “Granted she forgot to drain the fish so the brine went all over the potato, but that probably went someway towards mitigating the taste of the horrible uncooked chunk in the middle.

“We’re probably not quite ready to hold another election to increase our majority just yet, but we’re definitely on the up and up.”

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