Trump threat to Khan: ‘I could destroy London’

by philapilus

The tiny-handed little scrotumface dictating his tweet to someone with large enough digits to work a phone

The Twitter spat between London Mayor Sadiq Khan and orange blob Donald Trump escalated dramatically this morning, after the latter tweeted ‘Khan should watch out; I could destroy London. Nuke it. No problem. And will if he doesn’t start respecting me. #watchoutlondon.’

In the aftermath of terrorist attacks on London at the weekend Mr Khan had reassured Londoners that subsequent increased police presence was nothing to worry about.

Trump however mistook this to mean that the mayor was saying the attacks themselves were nothing to worry about, which has been widely seen as ‘fucking insane’.

After an aide to Mr Khan pointed out the mayor’s comment had been taken out of context the thin-skinned Trump got even more upset, leading to this morning’s nuclear threat.

Professor Hamish McEyebrau of the Slough School of FFS said “This is exactly the sort of misunderstanding a ranting and senile paranoiac would make, which is why Donald Trump made it – intentionally or otherwise.

“That greasy little shitburger has all the statesmanship of a bag of rotting offal. I’m amazed his brain doesn’t fall out of his ear when he lies down.”

Other figures have criticised Trump, with Tim Farron calling for the state visit to be cancelled.

Theresa May however  refused to censure him, and insisted that the visit should go ahead.

Speaking on Monday the PM said “Our strong and stable relationship with the USA is stronger and stabler than ever. I am strong and stable, and so is Donald Trump. If he wants to criticise the mayor of our greatest city the day after a major terrorist incident that’s absolutely fine. I am sure America would have been just as happy for us to do the same after 9/11.

“This is a strong and stable relationship after all.”

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