Macron and Le Pen have ‘night of passion’

by philapilus
File:Macron & Le Pen.jpg


It has been revealed that French presidential candidates Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron retired to a hotel after their stormy TV debate last night, where they gave in to their obvious attraction and had relentless intercourse.

News that the pair had left the debate together and checked into a nearby hotel was corroborated by several eyewitnesses.

Observer Francois Fromage from the Institute for Lazy Racial Stereotypes and Debate Watching said “Zey ‘ad ze massive argument and we all know what zis mean! Before you could say Frere Jacques zey were – ‘ow you say – bumping ze uglies.”

The hotel in question would not confirm reports that Macron and Le Pen shared a room citing guest confidentiality, but their spokesman did admit “A room on the top floor has been completely ruined by an unnamed couple, whose sexual passion led to the destruction of everything within – even the bidet appeared to have been smashed during some unspeakable act of depravity.

“We’re clearing up the mess with a flamethrower.”

Professor Hamish McEyebrau of the Slough School of Saying Stuff said “Those who seem most passionately to hate one another often fall just as passionately in love.

“I am thinking of Anthony and Cleopatra, Blair and Brown and of course more recently Sooty and Sweep.

“What do you mean that’s inappropriate? They might be on children’s TV but they’ve known each other 60 years!”

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