Brenda from Bristol demands capital punishment and expulsion of all immigrants

by philapilus

“The only thing that makes me happy is sitting outside food banks and laughing at the poor”

A BBC news clip of a Bristolian woman launching into a bigoted tirade has gone viral today, with hundreds of thousands of repostings on social media.

Around 2 million people are thought to have watched ‘Brenda from Bristol’ demand that “Mrs May take back Britain from the coloureds and their ilk, and go back to hanging those evil bastards who do graffiti and littering and loitering”.

Brenda also called for extremely high taxation for anyone earning more than her who she called “moneygrubbing fatcats”, and the withdrawal of all benefits from anyone earning less than her, who were all “workshy layabouts”.

Brenda added “Whipping needs to come back too, for all children who drop their aitches or listen to dubstep, and we should refuse to let the Welsh cross the border into England.

“That London can bloody well piss right off and all. Lefty tossers with their beards, and their tight trousers, and their coffee shops and their jobs in the media – they make me sick.”

Professor Hamish McEyebrau of the Slough Institute for 15 Second Fame said “This incident has highlighted how our willingness to shun political engagement in favour of instant entertainment destabilises our ability to comprehend big issues, which along with our short attention span has – oh look! A bee! You don’t see many of them now.”

Brenda from Bristol said “If you didn’t want my bile spewed across your screens you shouldn’t have asked for my hateful little opinion. Go and bother the other Brenda from Bristol, the nice one who doesn’t want elections for some reason.

“Now fuck off and leave me alone.”

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