Allen highlights oppression of rich white actors

by unpseudable
Tim Allen


Appearing on James Kimmel’s Late Night In-Depth Discussion Programme last week, 20th Century historian and ‘comedy’ ‘actor’* Tim Allen announced the upcoming publication of his new book about 1930s Germany.

Noted historical scholar, Allen, explained that his book details the day-to-day situation for ordinary German movie stars in the 1930s under the rule of Adolf Hitler.

“Not enough had been written on the plight of ordinary German C-list celebrity supporters of the Nazi party.” He explained.

“What people fail to realise, through an egregious paucity of education in this country, is that ordinary members of the Nazi party, including a number of actors and voice-over artists, were horribly victimised and marginalised by the powerful forces of the day: the political dissidents, the Jews, the homosexuals.

“These influential yet unspeakably intolerant factions took issue with the sorts of things that Hitler was saying and doing, in his attempts to make Germany great again. They oppressed ordinary, simple Nazi folk. They complained, they protested and even said frankly rather mean things to them: to the everyday men and women who respected democracy and accepted Hitler’s fascistic nationalism wholesale.

“It was rather like it is in Hollywood today, in fact. Bloody liberals.”

Playing devil’s advocate, Kimmel questioned whether this assessment of Germany and its correlation with today’s United States was possibly at best antithetical, and at worst mindnumbingly stupid, saying, “Ha-ha. Ha-ha-ha. Ha-ha-ha-ha.”

They then went on to cover other meaty topics, such as Allen’s sitcom which innovatively dispenses with anything remotely akin to humour.


* The inverted commas featured here render these descriptors acceptable under the new Trump-Spicer Punctuation Act of 2017

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