UK ‘united on Brexit’ thanks to Blair

by philapilus
File:Tony Blair 2.jpg


Tony Blair has managed singlehandedly to unite Britain and heal the wounds brought about by the Brexit debacle.

Blair’s exhortations to the British people to rise up against Brexit managed to convince everybody that what the country really needed to do was exactly the opposite of whatever it was told to do by an egomaniac with a Messiah complex.

Tim Twanks, Remain campaigner, said “I was totally against Brexit. It’s stupid, economically harmful, and the charlatans who sold it to the country have already backtracked on their promises.

“All the evidence points to this being a national catastrophe. I was absolutely committed to staying in the EU.But now that Tony Blair says we should rise up against Brexit I have been susbsumed by an irrepressible desire to attach a gigantic outboard motor to the coast of Norfolk, and propel the British Isles far off into the Atlantic Ocean where we can live in splendid isolation.

“Even cannibalism and inbreeding – the inevitable outcome of Brexit – are preferable to doing what that rictus-faced sadist says.”

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