Moths name turd-like pupa after Trump

by philapilus

Despite what you might think looking at him the horrible creature didn’t come out of someone’s ass – and nor did the pupa

Lepidopterists discovered today that moths have honoured Donald Trump by naming a newly-discovered pupa after him.

Attacus Atlas moth Atticus Flinch* said to assembled taxonomists “I found the pupa this morning underneath a leaf, and decided I just had to name it for the president elect.

“Like Donald, the pupa we are calling Twattacus donaldtrumpi has a strange yellow hairy mop at the top, which looks fake as shit and stuck on, but is apparently part of the sack. Also like Donald, the pupa looks and smells like a bloated orange turd.

“And – once more like Mr Trump – we are expecting a complete fucking mess when the creature inside actually appears; fecal matter and mucus everywhere.”

Lepidopterist Norman Tebbit said “Moths are often keen to celebrate famous humans. I remember when a newly discovered specimen rang to say it had named its own pupa after the sainted Mrs Thatcher. It was corkscrew-shaped, covered in spikes, and emitted a vile poisonous gas whenever you went near it.

“I can’t think why they named it for her really.”

The donaldtrumpi is expected to emerge from its pupa on the president’s inauguration day, just in time to witness the apocalypse.


*Yep. We went there.

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