Farage’s radio show ‘to celebrate multicultural music’

by philapilus

Just after dropping the mike on some seriously dope sh*t

A spokesperson for Nigel Farage revealed today that the ex-Ukip leader’s forthcoming radio show will be “An eclectic mix of banging tunes, dope beats and serious soul.”

This has come as something of a surprise as the Monday-Thursday slot is on LBC radio, a station more normally associated with discussions and phone-ins.

But the spokesperson said today “Nigel was absolutely insistent that if they really wanted him on the radio he would have to be allowed to spin the decks on some serious old school hip hop, funk and R’n’B.

“It was a dealbreaker for him, and they had no choice but to accept.”

It is understood that it is Farage’s own personal – and extensive – library of black music that will form the basis of the show, though each day he will also do a ten-minute spotlight segment on an aspect of East European folk music, something he is extremely keen on.

LBC said in a statement that they hope to further Britain’s conversation considerably by “allowing Nigel to share his love for the music of the dispossessed, the repressed and the oppressed.”

In a press statement Farage himself said today “Ham in my trousers. Did you see my shadow? He’s got three knees and a little frog on a crabstick. Hip hip hooray!”

New Ukip leader Paul Nutall told reporters “If you’re lucky Nige might even get out his fiddle and treat you to some of his favourite Bulgarian folk songs.”

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