Country that elected bigoted baboon shocked by racist FB post

by philapilus

“She got them there white teeth they all got, parbly stoled them someplace, an she only got ten fingers, what kinda woman is that anyhow?!”

A country which this week decided its next president should be an ageing, insane moron has expressed widespread shock after a racist Facebook post went viral.

The plucky but little-known ‘USA’ had just held an election intended to find a leader imbued with the nation’s most quintessential qualities, resulting in victory for bigoted reality TV star and failed businessman, Donald Trump.

But despite being delighted to elect an overt racist as Leader of the Free World, many Americans were shocked when Marylou Nailinthehead, from Hicksville West Virginia, wrote a racist message about the current president’s wife Michelle Obama.

Nailinthehead expressed her joy that President Trump would be bringing his plastic blow-up wife into the White House, saying that she was sick “of seeing an ape in heels”.

Nailinthehead’s brother and husband, Billybob Catfish, said “Ah don’t see what all that there fuss is about nohow. She’m jes pointed out that that nigra woman look like a dang monkey. It’s purlitica correction gone mad, so it is.”

Graceful, spirited and inspiring First Lady Michelle Obama probably said something in response, but it was drowned out by the mooing and grunting of the nation’s millions upon millions of Trump supporters.

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