Trump vows to grab Clinton by the p***y

by philapilus

Outspoken Republican candidate Donald Trump has promised supporters that he will not be quitting the presidential race, vowing to “Grab Hilary by the p***y and show her who’s boss” in Sunday night’s debate.

Speaking to fans at a ‘Touch Donald’s hair’ rally, Mr Trump said
“Trump knows pussy, Trump knows how to handle pussy and sluts. I know women, I have the best relationship with women.

“People who know me say ‘Donald, you’re not a sexist, you’re sexy.’

“Women say that too, when I tell them too. Believe me, a breathmint before I go out there and Hil will be all over me. She’s probably wet just thinking about the debate.”

Despite having previously apologised for sexist language he was caught using in a tape recording, Mr Trump’s backtracking today was expected, much as he did after playing nice in Mexico then going straight back to the USA and promoting his planned wall.

A rather harried looking Mike Pence said “Erm, no, Donald’s comments are… erm… they’re fine. Refreshing. Will he be quitting? No. No way. Trump’s not going anywhere. Believe you me, we’re not going anywhere.


‘I’m up to here in poontang, all the time. Vote Trump.’


To which the Democratic campaign replied “Yep.”

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