Walls are answer to everything, agrees everyone

by philapilus

Is there anything walls can’t do?!

Everybody said this morning that walls are just brilliant, and offer by far the best solution to any problem.

The consensus was reached after the UK announced it would be building a wall to keep migrants away from the main road to the port of Calais to protect haulage lorries from aggressive boarders.

Geoff Shovel, Chief Engineer of the Calais Wall said “Walls are the clear choice for all your daily needs. Even Donald Trump sees their potential. You can keep people out, you can keep people in; they’re multifunctional.

“Also, when you’ve built them, there’s no more problem. Just like in Berlin. They built a wall, and everything was hunkydory. Same thing with Hadrian keeping the Scots sequestered away as a genetic experiment to evolve a fair-skinned, gingery race who are afraid of the sun.

“That worked brilliantly.”

Lorry Driver Tim Twanks said “This wall will solve everything. People who have fled war and poverty, travelled thousands of miles – often by dangerous and criminal means – and arrived at Calais seeking entry to Britain, they’ll take one look at the wall and then go home again.

” And if by any chance that doesn’t work, we can build a bigger wall behind this one next year. It’ll still be cheaper and easier than addressing any root socio-economic or geopolitical problems. ”


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