Cyclist causes gridlock by indicating

by philapilus

This was the last time anyone used the signal for stopping

A cyclist has caused enormous traffic jams throughout central London after making a hand signal before turning left.

The anonymous cyclist raised his left hand and pointed left just before turning left off Aldwych onto Kingsway – the first recorded time the gesture has been used since 1972.

The driver following him was so shocked that he stalled the car, as did the driver of a bus behind him.

As cars screeched to a halt, word of the cyclist’s adherence to road rules spread from vehicle to vehicle, and in less than an hour the entirety of central London was at a standstill.

Bystander Samantha Furcup said “Before long a troop of drivers was standing in the road, some marvelling at the incredibly rare occurence, some lamenting what can only be a sign of the end-times.

“Others just sat on the pavement, shaking their heads in incomprehension.”

Pedestrian Geoff Shovel said “I saw the whole thing, and what made it even more extraordinary was the fact that the cyclist carried on all the way up to Holborn and – get this – he stopped at a red light!”

Cyclist and bike campaigner Mike Unt said “Whoever this unknown cyclist was, he has let us down. Badly. Cyclists do NOT adhere to the Highway Code. Please treat this as an anomaly, and don’t expect any of the rest of us to do it.”

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