Trump’s wife made ‘covert attempt to derail husband’s campaign’

by philapilus

May contain plastic

Melania Trump has admitted that she did not plagiarise Michelle Obama, but was rather “in agreement with her about Barack.”

Mrs Trump said “When I repeated her comments about President Obama, I was actually trying to subliminally remind everyone that Michelle has a sane, competent, and actually even occasionally  inspirational spouse.

“I have Donald.”

She went on to say that her aim was to undermine Trump before it was too late, and that though she had hoped to do it covertly with echoes of Michelle Obama’s speech, she might as well now come out and say it.

“Increasingly I am aware that if you vote for Donald, then the mental batshit garbage he perpetually spews at home could actually become policy.

“So to avert a global apocalypse, I wanted yesterday to remind everyone that, whether or not you like him or hate him, Barack Obama is mostly normal, not filled with a hatred for all mankind, and wasn’t spawned by a demon.
“Also he can write real words on real pieces of paper. Donald just scribbles in wax crayon and then shrieks at anyone who tells him it’s not real writing.

“God help you all.”

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