Kelvin MacKenzie calls for topless reporters

by philapilus

Standing up for women and their empowerment, bless their little cotton socks

Sun journalist Kelvin Mackenzie has defended his criticism of a Hijab-wearing reporter on Channel 4, explaining “I’m not against the hijab per se, but against the wearing of any clothes other than a thong.

“Unless it’s a man. No men wearing thongs please. Just women, bouncing their big naked jugs around, to help us focus on the news”

MacKenzie, who has been favourably referred to as a corpulent twat, said that he was not prejudiced, and that he had not been attacking Fatima Manji because of her religion or race.

He emphasised “Rather it was because she is one of those uppity women who think getting their tits out for our entertainment is beneath them. Troublemakers one and all.

“It doesn’t help that she’s an Allah-bothering raghead either.”

The Sun defended its reporter in an editorial, insisting that “The hijab is a sign of slavery  in the civilised world, whereas women getting their boobs out for the enjoyment of men is empowering and bonerific.”

In a footnote the paper vigorously condemned the attacks in Nice, but added that at least it was mostly only Frenchies who got killed.


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