Corbyn blamed for Engxit

by unpseudable

That there is an open goal: so let’s get out there, and miss it entirely

Besieged opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn ‘must take responsibility’ for England’s humiliating exit from football’s Euro 2016 competition and resign, according to an increasing number of Labour MPs and Roy Hodgson.

‘His leadership is now clearly untenable,’ said Chris Bryant as he resigned from the shadow cabinet. ‘I had some constituents asking if he was actually cheering England on at all. I said I didn’t know. Someone even said they heard him cheering for Iceland. He may well have been.

‘Of course, given that my constituents are mostly Welsh they are actually quite happy about England losing, but that’s hardly the point. I did ask him who he was cheering for, but he wouldn’t say – just looked at me like I was a total twat.’

Shadow education secretary, Lucy Powell also resigned, asserting that ‘Corbyn has been a terrible manager of England – so bad he arguably didn’t manage the England squad at all. He may not have picked the team, or chosen to enter the Euro 2016 competition in the first place, but must now do the right thing and step down immediately.’

Corbyn’s office released a statement, saying, ‘Jeremy Corbyn was explicit in his support for England, posting on Twitter that he would be not wholly unhappy if they were to play relatively well against Iceland. He is not going anywhere and will continue to not manage the England team, and to not do numerous other things which he accepts he will in due course be blamed for.’

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