Gran gets shit birthday presents

by philapilus

Obligatory Britain-is-broken picture

A grandmother has received terrible birthday gifts from her grandchildren today, leaving her shocked and confused.

“I don’t understand” said Granny “Samantha normally gets me something really nice, but this year all I got was a book called Politics for Dummies.

“She knows I’m not going to read that; I’ve got no interest in politics at all. That’s why I voted Leave.”

Granny confirmed that her present from her grandson was even worse however.

“Timothy is such a good boy usually, but he just gave me a scrunched up front page of the Daily Express from Friday with ‘screw you’ written all over it.

“I would have thought a bit more respect for their dear old gran.”

Grandson Tim Twanks said “She’s completely ruined our futures, and all because she ‘doesn’t feel safe with Romanians on the run’.

“She and her bingo group all voted for us to leave the EU, which is fine for them because they will all be dead by the time we have Brexited anyway. The rest of us are screwed.”

Granny insisted however that it wasn’t just a matter of Romanians, adding that she really isn’t at all keen even on people from the Isle of Wight coming over.

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