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by unpseudable

In this new feature, TMB’s Complete Arts sheds light on some of cinema’s most vexing vagaries


If only all films could be as clearly marketed as Scary Movie – indeed, a truly chilling film.

Surely Rain Man was going to be a superhero movie, for example; Ring a romantic comedy. Apparently not.

When a film fails to deliver on the promise of its title, the viewer is left floundering in confusion and unfulfilled anticipation.

And so, as a sober warning to our reader, TMB offers a top five of the most disappointingly perplexing films…


  1. American History X

A powerhouse performance by Edward Norton as a reformed Neo-Nazi can’t save this particular movie.  The main problem being that there is little, if any, detail about the former times of the great nation of the United States. But then this film is clearly just a snapshot: a moment in time.  For more in-depth American History, one would need to see the first, elusive, nine films in the franchise.

  1. A Clockwork Orange

Perhaps this one could have been omitted: if it had indeed been about a mechanised item of fruit, would it have been any better?

  1. Modern Times

It was made in 1936.  That surely says it all.

  1. M

Although admittedly with some positive aspects, this so-called ‘classic’ movie is yet unavoidably disappointing. The main issue with the film is that the central character is inconsistent; incoherent, even. And ultimately there is no explanation as to quite how he escaped the lynching and his final inevitable death, never mind shedding any light on how this German child-killer ended up becoming head of the British Secret Service.

Not terrible, admittedly, but ultimately baffling.  Not for serious Bond fans.

  1. Q: The Winged Serpent

Again, as origin stories go, an absurd travesty.

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