Queen sings Monkees hits during speech

by philapilus

‘Then I saw her face…’

The Queen surprised both houses of Parliament today when, instead of giving a dreary speech announcing a plethora of boring administrative government acts, she spontaneously burst into song.

After arriving and meeting the assembly with all the usual pomp and ceremony, Her Majesty stood up, ripped in half the speech that David Cameron had sat up all night writing for her, and performed a 90 minute concert of songs by hit 60s TV band, the Monkees.

The Lords and the Commons were initially stunned, but soon began to enjoy Her Majesty’s a capella rendition of hits like Daydream Believer, Pleasant Valley Sunday and Good Clean Fun.

Father of the House Sir Gerald Kauffman said “By the time she sang I’m a Believer we were going wild, joining in with the choruses and everything.

“It’s a bit of a problem for us in terms of crafting legislation for the rest of the year, but on the plus side her version of A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You made grown men cry.”

Governmental historian, Tim Twanks, said “It’s definitely one of the stranger addresses a monarch has made to Parliament.

“Right up there with the time Queen Victoria made everyone form a conga line and dance down Whitehall singing ‘Knees Up Mother Brown’.”


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