“I was born in Gambia” says defiant Gerry Adams

by philapilus

He knows exactly what it’s like to be on a slave-galley for months on end

Gerry Adams has refused to apologise for his comments equating the persecuted Irish nationalist movement to African-American slavery, and vigorously defended his use of the N-word.

Adams said “All of us in Sinn Fein were originally born in Africa, before ending up in Ireland, fighting for our freedom, just like the N*****s in Django Unchained.

“The suggestion that I made a racist or mindnumbingly inappropriate statement is frankly ridiculous. If anyone knows what they are talking about, it’s me. All the time, about everything.”

The Sinn Fein politician – who is definitely not a dangerous man to offend in any way at all – glowered at reporters, before challenging them to prove that he was not originally Gambian.

“I was born there, and taken from my home by English slave-traders. It was terrible for me. Even the black ones weren’t treated as bad as I was. I am the original n*****. ”

At which point Quentin Tarantino piped up with “Me too! Me too! You know Samuel L Jackson? He’s my fam.”

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