Far right lead in Austria “nothing to worry about”

by philapilus

The only bad thing that ever came out of Austria was lederhose

The 1st round victory for a far-right presidential candidate in Austria is “absolutely and categorically nothing to worry about” according to sources.

Hans Onmycok, political analyst and sandwich admirer, said “It’s not a big deal. Austria has a happy tradition of accomodating the extreme views of the far right without anything going wrong.

“If Norbert Hofer goes on to win he’ll probably be just as fine as the last right wing one we had. A bit zany perhaps, but no one we wouldn’t be publicly proud to acknowledge as our leader.”

The increasing support for the far right across the EU, in response to waves of immigration and political uncertainty, has been heralded by Brexit campaigners as yet another reason why it is the perfect time for the UK to leave.

A spokesperson said “This is definitely the right moment for us to be outside, and preferably a bit isolated, and generally just to let Europe get on with its own thing.

“There’s certainly nothing to be gained by staying in a failing system and trying to make it work. Much better to let the whole thing fall apart.

“After all, it’s not as if any fallout could ever affect us because the English channel is in the way, so we’re absolutely fine.”

But Barack Obama, visiting the UK to give the queen her birthday prezzie, said “I am the Ghost of Christmas Future. I have seen where a slide into unthinking conservatism and isolationism leads.

“Donald. Fucking. Trump.”


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