“Sadiq Khan is muslim-coloured!” yells Cameron at PMQs

by philapilus
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David Cameron caused considerable surprise today at Prime Minister’s Questions when he climbed up on the bench, pointed at Sadiq Khan MP, and shouted “Muuuussssslimmmmmm! Brrowwwwnn musssslim!”

As the prime minister continued to point and shriek, conservative MPs rose to their feet to get a better look at Khan, then joined the pm in horrified declamations.

“It was a terrifying spectacle,” said a Labour frontbencher, “just like in Invasion of the Bodysnatchers, when the alien Donald Sutherland outs Veronica Cartwright as a lone, vulnerable human by, well, by pointing and screaming like the prime minister.”

Mr Khan, MP for Tooting and Labour’s candidate for London Mayor, has come under attack from the conservatives recently, for having shared platforms with extremist Muslims, in order to denounce them.

Jeremy Corbyn said “It would have been good to talk today about the unemployment figures, or how  to stop the wealthy avoiding taxes. Apparently though this week’s tiny segment of time in which the prime minister is accountable to the electorate was best utilised by the government reminding everyone that Sadiq is, to use Cameron’s phrase, ‘dangerously brown’.”

But tory mayoral candidate Zak Goldsmith said “I think the dear leader was right to attack Mr Khan. His decision to engage with the Muslim community over issues of extremism is in extremely poor taste.

“The very best thing to do when you come across unhinged bigotry is just to ignore it. Don’t communicate at all, and the problem will disappear. It’s worked brilliantly for us so far.

“Also, you can tell just by looking at Sadiq that his house smells of curry, and there’s probably 15 of them living in there.”



*might be something he disagrees with. But honestly, who has time to look that shit up?

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