Thing not related to terrorism or Trump happens

by philapilus

As yet no one has speculated that the thing could be something to do with giraffes

There have been unconfirmed reports suggesting that a thing happened this morning which as yet appears to have no relation to terrorism or to Donald Trump.

The thing happened just as rolling 24/7 news channels replayed footage of Donald Trump wiggling his jowls, and shortly before some more analysis of terrorism came on.

Professor Hamish McEyebrau, of the Slough School for News Analysis and Horticulture, said “It looks very much as though the thing happened at or before 10AM. Possibly after. It’s too early to say.

“If you ask me again tomorrow I might be able to give more information. But it might possibly be too late to say by then.”

Journalist Samantha Furcup said”We aren’t sure what to call the phenomenon yet, because no one can remember how to write headlines which don’t have the words ‘terrorism’ or ‘Trump’ in them.

“Apart from the people over at the Daily Sport, but we don’t think that the thing that happened involved 50 inch tits, so they can’t really help either.”

News corporations have agreed that if the thing doesn’t start being related to the lunatic business mogul, or to maniacs blowing things up, it will just have to be ignored.

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