Shake it all about campaigners join Brexit row

by philapilus

Come on, everybody: ‘That’s what it’s all about…’

As the UK referendum on Eu membership draws closer, the In and Out campaigns have been blindsided by the unexpected development of a new ‘Shake it all about’ faction.

Though it has joined the battle over Britain’s future somewhat late in the day, pundits agree that the Shake it all about campaign has already made a powerful impression on the public imagination.

SIAB advocate Geoff Shovel explained the resonance of the movement.”This morning former cabinet secretary Lord O’Donnell questioned whether a Brexit could be effectively negotiated in the stipulated 2 year time period – which was predictably and strenuously denied by the Out campaingers.

“But we feel that both groups were essentially misleading the public about Britain’s best options.

“Look, watch this.” he added, and then did a sort of shuffling dance for about thirty seconds.


Government sources confirmed that the referendum polling forms have been amended to read “Should the UK remain in the European Union, leave, or just generally shake it all about?”

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