Millions without water in Delhi ‘faking it to get our money’, say Brits

by philapilus

In it for the money

Britons convinced that the world’s population exists only to leech off the UK explained today how unnecessary foreign aid is, and how the ten million people without water in Delhi are “just trying to get pity-cash off us”.

Vera Cockroach, a sack of pus in vaguely humanoid form, said “I’m not being racist but foreigners just want it easy.

“Kicking up such a huge fuss just cos they have to wait a bit for the plumber to fix the stopcock, or whatever it is they’re whinging about! They’re just like all the immigrants from Syria. Quitters.

“Anyway, they don’t really need water like we do, they can go months without it. Really they’re more like animals.”

John Littledick, professional bigot for the Daily Mail, said “When they’re not coming over here and doing no work and living off benefits, they’re coming over here and taking our jobs.

“And when they’re not doing that they’re staying in their own poxy countries and demanding our money. And they look funny, like they’ve wiped poo all over their skins. Urgh!”

Samantha Furcup, who isn’t a cunt, said “Fuck you all; I’m emigrating.”

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