30-somethings shocked after Friends’ cast reunion is crap

by philapilus
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Yeah, but who gives a fuck anymore?

The TV reunion of most of the cast of Friends (apart from the one who couldn’t be bothered to turn up) was not the best thing ever, admitted disappointed fans today.

Lacking a script, youthful demeanor, a story, and the one actor who was quite funny, the stars sat down and did bugger-all for 2 hours – to everyone’s surprise.

Wendy Nailinthehead, IT drone, said “Me and my girls thought it would be amazing, and that we would all be magically transported back to our early carefree twenties, when we were cool.

“Instead we spent an evening listening to boring anecdotes from people who appeared to have very little in common anymore, and trying to decide who had aged the worst.

“Just like our own reunions.”

Fans were forced to accept that time marches on, and that everything is meaningless, initially bringing about widespread despair and self-loathing, but then inculcating acceptance, and finally a kind of mediocre inner peace.

Formerly self-described Friends addict Tim Twanks said “I guess that just because something was OK by the pisspoor standards of 90s TV, doesn’t automatically make it brilliant today.

“I think on the whole it’s best to be nostalgic about things that weren’t actually part of your youth, which is why I will now only wear t-shirts relating to cult TV shows I know nothing about.”

The sitcom stars were asked whether they felt sorry for the legions of fans who had waited years for a sniff of a one-off special or a reunion, only to be snubbed with the televisual equivalent of stop-start traffic on the M25.

By way of reply actors Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer and Jeremy Clarkson issued a joint statement saying “Do you have any idea how much fucking money they paid us?”


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